A selection of the things I've worked on or people I've worked with in no particular order. Some I can show you and some I can't.


For Authlogics I worked on some user dashboards, updating the look and adding some new functionality. The dashboards, built in vue.js and consume REST APIs. As well as this I built them a document portal for their customers with wordpress.


Bubblr initally recruited me to design and build a series of Wordpress websites, as well as some test harnesses build with javascript & node.js. Following their completion I moved on to build Android apps for them, using Kotlin and the MVP design pattern. After a Pivot I was then tasked with building the front end of an admin console with React.

Premier League

While working with PulseLive, I worked with one of their clients to help rebuild and re-skin the Premier League website. The work was a mixture of rebuilding existing items and creating new ones. The site uses SASS compiled with gulp, and the data comes from different APIs and rendered in freemarker templates.


I worked with RSPB on the front end of their new website build. Working in a small team using agile methodology, we re-built every component from the ground up.

The Economist

The Economist asked me to produce templates for the new Apple News app. My role was to work with their Designer to advise what was possible according to the documentation and produce the templates with JSON.

Mail Plus

For Mail Plus I built an initial Wordpress website for the (at the time) new digital version of the Daily Mail. The client was demanding with a brief that changed almost daily. After the initial launch the wordpress site was then replaced with a more comprehensive PHP solution which I helped integrate with the new front end.


I provided wowcher with a sales document generator, which enabled their sales reps to choose from any number of editable variables in a CMS (built with PHP), which would then output as a PDF to send prospective advertisers.


I worked with Metro to produce a number of promotional websites and splash pages for various competitions. Each one needed to be responsive, as well as work within the metro's Apple & Android apps.


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